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Ease Your Anxiety, One Breath at a Time

Returning to campus after the holidays can inspire a range of feelings, from joy and hopeful anticipation to sadness and outright dread. Thanks to the recent Omicron upsurge, health worries, remote classes, and ongoing social isolation could make this spring’s transition back to school harder than ever. To help yourself stay calm and grounded during…

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Legal Housekeeping for College Students

There’s a lot to think about when you go off to college. In the scramble to take care of the big things — packing, shopping for dorm decor, negotiating travel logistics, trying not to have a nervous breakdown — it’s easy to forget some of the less exciting but nonetheless essential tasks…like signing advanced health…

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Is Community College Transfer Right for You?

Not all students can or should go straight to a four-year college after high school graduation. Maybe cost is a concern, or you’re uncertain about moving away from home, or you just aren’t ready to choose a college yet. For kids who want to begin college but find the timing isn’t right for a “traditional”…

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I’m an educator & writer who’s been helping students create rewarding futures for over twenty-five years. I have a particular interest in supporting those whose paths are “non-traditional” and in helping all students find the joy in today as well as tomorrow.

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