Your college process should be as unique as you are.

We tailor each client’s services to help make their college journey successful and empowering. We might support you with any or all of these services…or create a new service just for you.

College Matching

We create a list of colleges that offer the right academics, social life and support services to help you grow and thrive.

Student Services Support

Understand the services colleges offer to facilitate your success and well-being and create a plan to access the services you will need.

Support Team Collaboration

Have a team of support providers? We can collaborate with your therapist, physician, academic or special education teacher, or anyone else whose guidance you value.

Application Coaching

Craft applications and essays that will give colleges an authentic picture of who you are. Discover how to address any potentially thorny aspects of your educational history with clarity and thoughtfulness.

Executive Functioning Support

Need targeted support to keep your college process on track? We offer optional coaching to help you develop the skills you’ll need to manage the tasks and responsibilities of applying to college as well as learn to self-advocate effectively.

College Transition Planning

A mindful plan can make all the difference in getting off to a great start at college. We can help you navigate student services, housing, and on and off-campus support services for your life at college.

Let’s explore the possibilities.